Developing/Updating debunkCMS

debunkCMS is available on github:

License: GPL 2

debunkCMS is based on thunder. You can find all thunder specific documentation here.

debunkCMS specific modules

We created some addon modules that are all available on github:

Infos about how to work with the Composer based installation

The debunkCMS repo is providing a kickstart for managing your site dependencies with Composer.


First you need to install Composer and Git.

Note: The instructions below refer to the global composer installation. You might need to replace composer with php composer.phar (or similar) for your setup.

After that you can create the project:

composer create-project hoaxly/debunkCMS debunkCMS

With composer require ... you can download new dependencies to your installation.

cd thunder
composer require drupal/devel:1.*

The composer create-project command passes ownership of all files to the project that is created. You should create a new git repository, and commit all files not excluded by the .gitignore file.

What does the template do?

When installing the given composer.json some tasks are taken care of:

  • Drupal will be installed in the docroot-directory.

  • Autoloader is implemented to use the generated composer autoloader in vendor/autoload.php, instead of the one provided by Drupal (docroot/vendor/autoload.php).

  • Modules (packages of type drupal-module) will be placed in docroot/modules/contrib/

  • Theme (packages of type drupal-theme) will be placed in docroot/themes/contrib/

  • Profiles (packages of type drupal-profile) will be placed in docroot/profiles/contrib/

  • Downloads Drupal scaffold files such as index.php, or .htaccess

  • Creates sites/default/files-directory.

  • Latest version of drush is installed locally for use at bin/drush.

  • Latest version of DrupalConsole is installed locally for use at bin/drupal.


Creating the project will install the CMS into the docroot directory. You can now install it as you would with any Drupal 8 site. See: Drupal installation guide.


To update the distro, Drupal or any module to the newest version, constrained by the specified version in composer.json, execute composer update. This command will check every dependency for a new version, downloads it and updates the composer.lock accordingly. After that you can run drush updb in the docroot folder to update the database of your site.

File update

This project will attempt to keep all of your project and drupal core files up-to-date; the project drupal-composer/drupal-scaffold is used to ensure that your scaffold files are updated every time drupal/core is updated. If you customize any of the "scaffolding" files (commonly .htaccess), you may need to merge conflicts if any of your modfied files are updated in a new release of Drupal core.

Follow the steps below to update your thunder files.

  1. Run composer update hoaxly/debunkCMS

  2. Run git diff to determine if any of the scaffolding files have changed. Review the files for any changes and restore any customizations to .htaccess or robots.txt.

  3. Commit everything all together in a single commit, so web will remain in sync with the core when checking out branches or running git bisect.

  4. In the event that there are non-trivial conflicts in step 2, you may wish to perform these steps on a branch, and use git merge to combine the updated core files with your customized files. This facilitates the use of a three-way merge tool such as kdiff3. This setup is not necessary if your changes are simple; keeping all of your modifications at the beginning or end of the file is a good strategy to keep merges easy.