Using debunkCMS

debunkCMS is a preconfigured CMS for publishing reviews about web content like articles or quotes.
debunkCMS with example content on iPhone 7+
It is based on Thunder, a Drupal distribution for professional publishers and includes the following features:

Review content type

A review content type provides all relevant fields to create reviews as structured content. This fields are:
  • field_review_content
  • field_review_item_media
  • field_review_metatags
  • field_review_item_publisher
  • field_review_rating
  • field_review_item_claim
  • field_review_item_authors
  • field_review_item_country
  • field_review_item_language
  • field_review_item_pub_date
  • field_review_item_tags
  • field_review_item_title
  • field_review_item_type
  • field_review_item_url
  • field_seo_title
  • field_tags
  • field_teaser_text
  • field_teaser_media
These are just the field's machine-names. For every field there is helptext availabe when creating reviews.
There is also predefined configuration for displays (full article, teasers), metatags (meta description, og:*, twitter:card, ...) and url paths.

Predefined vocabularies

Predefined vocabularies, that can be extended, to list authors, publishers, cities, countries, languages or rating values.

ClaimReview markup

Published reviews include ClaimReview markup, so that your content can be found easily.
Example debunkCMS ClaimReview output

Rest API

When activated your published reviews can be accessed via REST. So you can reuse your reviews in mobile apps for example or make it available to be included in the database easily.
When activated it is available using the following paths:
  • /rest/reviews/all?_format=hal_json
  • /rest/reviews/all?_format=json
  • /rest/reviews/all?_format=xml

Professional publishing features

debunkCMS includes all Thunder features like
  • story telling,
  • user management,
  • publishing workflows,
  • multilingual,
  • scheduling content,
  • improved media handling,
  • Facebook Instant Articles,
  • embedding social media posts,
  • liveblog,
  • device specific previews
  • and so on.
Thunder logo by Hubert Burda Media
Thunder has been initiated by Hubert Burda Media and is developed by multiple companies and organisations.

Example content

When activated debunkCMS comes with example content (review, authors, rating values, publishers, info-block, ..).


License: GNU General Public License. Feel free to use it!
debunkCMS is part of the project, created by acolono GmbH and funded by netidee.


Check the repo issues on github:


  • A nicer default theme, that looks like a professional news-site out-of-the-box. Until then you can reuse one of the existing Drupal themes, some work to style reviews might be needed.
  • Provide more specific Rest API endpoints (filter by tag, ...).
  • Internal search: Search published reviews by tags, authors, city, country, urls, claims, publishers, date, ...