Using the API

Central for our tools is an index about fact-checks from various sources. There are a lot of high-quality fact checking sites out there. We aggregate metadata from these sites and make it available via an open API, so that people can use it to build awesome tools and apps.

Goal: Apps and tools using the API are aimed to get more people to see, read and use all the existing fact-checks and reviews out there.

Swagger Documentation

The API is documented here:

Example Request

curl -X GET "" -H "accept: text/plain"

Example Response

"id": 6,
"url": "",
"reviews": [
"ReviewRating": {
"originalRatingValue": 5,
"normalizedAlternateName": "Questionable",
"simplifiedRatingValue": 1,
"bestRating": 3,
"worstRating": 1,
"ratingValue": 1
"title": "Fact-checking the maybe misleading article. For testing purpose.",
"url": "",
"datePublished": "06/13/2018 22:00:00",
"dateModified": "",
"Publisher": {
"name": "Publisher",
"logo": "",
"url": ""
"Authors": {
"name": "Author",
"url": ""
"summary": "We come to the conclusion that this article is misleading. Check the review why.",
"language": "English"

License's API content (index of fact-checks) is licensed under ODbL 1.0

Terms of Use

The API is providing information regarding content created by third party organisations and authors (an index of fact checks). The provided data is only metadata and is aimed to link back to the original content. is not responsible for the content that is made available using the API. hoaxly is also not responsible for any linked content. Linking to content does not mean that we support, favor or validated the content in any form. However, see our quality guidelines for adding sources to the index.

You can use the API for free, as long you:

  • respect copyright and ownership of the content authors,

  • don’t present any information out of context,

  • always link back to the original content prominently,

  • and make clear that you use the API by attributing as defined here.